The Separate Lives of Young Carers (4mins)


A great video made by the young people of Renfrewshire.

If you relate to any of these statements, then get in touch and get involved in re-designing support available for young carers

"I’ve had trouble in the past with people thinking that it’s a lot easier than it looks. People just saying I’d be fine sitting at home with my mum all day, because I love my mum, so I would do that for her, but you don’t realise how much stress it puts on you every single day."

"Some of the time they think that it’s when I’m there that I’m a carer and when I’m out I’m not. They don’t fully understand the concept of it."

"Say your family weren’t to answer the phone and you weren’t a carer, then you’d be less worried, but whereas if my Dad didn’t answer the phone, I’d be like oh my god what’s happened? Why is he not answering his phone?"

"They treat me as normal and I just go into school with a face on, like a mask and kinda act as if nothing is wrong, and I’m normal."

"I hardly see my friends. They get quite annoyed. I don’t get out a lot. If my friends understood more, then there would be less stress on me."

"I’ve been phoned up last minute and asked if I could sit with my aunty. Which is she needs 24/7 care so somebody always has to got to be with her. And I said I couldn’t do it because I’d already accepted a shift and there was nobody else to cover it. So that mad me feel really guilty"

 "I’m wanting to go to uni and study and do all that sort of thing. But at the same time, I want to stay at home and look after my mum and not go anywhere. Even if you have to study, you feel bad because you want to be with them"

"The teachers at school never actually really understood. Like, if I was to go in and say “I could’t do my homework, my aunty had to go into hospital,” they’d be like “that isn’t our problem”"

"My guidance teacher is supposed to be the one who helps me with everything. She didn’t even know what was wrong with my mum. I’d explained it so many times. They didn’t really help to be honest. More support through education would help people succeed more I think."

"It’s quite scary and daunting knowing that one day I won’t be there all the time, and they know that as well.And I find it just hard, because I know that, like, we’ll be going our separate ways and everything will be harder to balance out"

"It’s difficult to concentrate on what you want to do because you’ve kinda got to go with what’s happening at that moment."

"I want to move out for college in the summer and I kind of worry that that will be one less person to be sitting in the house with my mum."

"I just don’t think I’ll have a perfect future because of who I am"

"A lot of people think that because we are young we can cope with it better but if I think if they maybe tried to do what we were doing for a week then they would think different."

"People do needs support from anybody that can support them"

 "I think with more understanding there would be more support, which would mean that it would just be a lot easier to kinda move on"