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Video Care of Youth Friendly

Welcome to The Care Collective Player!

Like iPlayer but full of useful life stuff about life as a young carer.

Over the coming weeks and months, we are going to be sharing the best video content for young carers from across the world.

Films, animations and sketches made by young people for young people. From time to time we'll even throw in the odd bits of help and advice. We might even do the odd podcast or video from our team. 

We want YOU to tell us what you want to see on Care Collective TV. If there is a webpage, a video or a playlist that you think might help another young carer, then get in touch.

WhatsApp or message Lorri on 07737937887 or find us on Facebook


Video Transcript

I’m a young carer and seeing my sibling happy is the passion I put in every day

I’m a young carer smiling to hide the stress

I’m the young carer who has to bring their mother round when she collapses

I’m the young carer in the window watching my friends go out for the evening .

I’m the young carer who was late for school because I was looking after my twin brother with autism.

I’m the young carer looking worried because my mum is at home alone

I’m the young carer at hospital with my sister

I’m the young carer that goes back and forth to the shops at least 5 times a day

I’m the young carer learning new things to help with my role

I’m the young carer getting bullied from my mum

I’m the young carer coping without enough money

I’m the young carer who is failing at school