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Over recent months The Care Collective has brought people together to share their experiences of life as a carer in East Ren. And now, The Care Collective is getting creative!

From the many many conversations that have taken place, we've identified seven areas, that together, can transform the way carers are supported locally. Local carers, groups and organisations are working together to build on what's working well, and develop new solutions to what it isn't. 

By early next year -with the support of the Care Collective Staff team- each of the seven design teams will have refined their ideas into viable solutions that will better meet the needs and wants of local carers.  We'll then present our designs to the East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership's commissioning team. It's our hope that we can then work together to turn ideas into reality.   


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Leadership Team

We are a network of people who are already involved in providing support for carers locally. We are working with East Renfrewshire Council to develop and implement a strategy for supporting carers across East Ren.

Connection Point Team

We are a team of local carers who are working along side the Talking Points Team to develop and test a community 'shop front'. This will be a place where Carers, and others, will be able to access support and advice as well as using the space for connecting with other local people.

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Signposting Team

We are a team of local carers who are designing new and easier ways for carers to access locally specific information when and where we need it. 

Future Focus Team

We are a team of local carers who are developing ways to make it easier for carers to take stock of their own need, so that they can plan the things that will keep themselves happy and healthy, while looking after a loved one

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Take a Break Team

We are a team of local carers who are working along side local organisations to explore how we might make it easier for carers to take planned breaks from their caring role. We'll be improving people access opportunities for funded short breaks and the support your loved one might need while we aren't around. 

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Young Carers Team

We are a group of young carers, schools and youth groups. We are working together to raise awareness of what young carers need, and how everyone can do their bit to help. Young people across East Ren are designing how they would like to see young carers supported in the future, based on their own experiences.

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Connecting Communities Team

We are a group of carers who are working along side local organisations to develop different ways for carers to support one another through friendship and advice. We are also designing new ways to enable and ensure that carers, service providers and the wider community can continue to collaborate around improving support for carers in East Ren.