What is the Care Collective?


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Across East Renfrewshire there are people who care for someone else.  It might be a partner, parents, children, friends or relations.  For lots of people, caring for someone who needs extra support is a rewarding experience.  Sometimes though, it can be demanding and the care we provide for someone else might mean we care a little less for ourselves.

People who care provide invaluable support, not just to those they care for, but also to our wider community.  Without the love and support people who care provide, our society simply couldn’t function. But what happens when the person who cares needs some care themselves?  It could be the little things – someone to talk to, or a break to go shopping or pop to the doctors.  Or maybe it’s having access to information on benefits available or expert support to manage the financial pressures that caring can bring.  At other times, carers might need more intensive help, perhaps in the form of a short break or respite. 

In East Ren, we are connecting people who care for someone to share experiences and ideas about what the right kind of support, at the right time, from the right person would look like and how we might use the resources available to us to make that a reality.

The Carers Act (Scotland) 2016 sets out a new legislative framework and presents an opportunity for local people to decide how carers are cared for in their communities.  Over the next 9 months we’ll be helping people to shape the way public services are provided in East Ren and identify ways in which the community can collaborate and participate in improving the quality of life for people who care.

If you would like to get involved, please contact us.  We’d love to have you on board.