July Update

Through the summer we’ve been busy out and about talking to people and finding out about their experiences of caring for someone. We’ve also been working with people from health, social care, education and local community organisations to understand more about the upcoming Carers’ Act and the opportunities for local people to get involved in shaping the future of a ‘Caring East Ren’.

To keep everyone connected, to update you on progress so far and to let you know about opportunities to get involved as we go forward, we've put together a little update

Continuing the conversation


Following the Conversation Café in Barrhead, we’ve kept the discussions going. You might have seen the team out and about in their bright ‘Care Collective’ t-shirts having a chat with people they meet and asking what matters to them when it comes to looking after someone or being looked after themselves. 

Some of you offered to take part in more in-depth interviews and shared in detail what it was like to look afters a loved one, what can be difficult and what ideas you have for making things better.

Look out for a summary of the insights people shared during the interviews and conversations in our next update.

Carers Week

This year, Carers’ Week ran from the 12 to 18 June. Carers week is an annual awareness campaign to recognise the vital role played by the 6.5million people in the UK who look after a friend or relative. This year Carers’ Week focused on building carer-friendly communities. Alongside a wide range of events around the area, the Care Collective team popped up at the Foundry, the Avenue, the Greenhouse Café and locations around Eaglesham and Busby.

Working Together to Implement the Carers’ Act in East Ren 

Members of the Care Collective were invited to join a workshop hosted by the Health and Social Care Partnership to explore the requirements of the new legislation and what it means locally. The Carers’ Act will interact with existing legislation, for example, legislation relating to children and young people and legislation to enable self-directed support. 

People participating in the workshop were keen to find ways to make sure that people who look after someone else are genuinely at the centre of strategies and plans locally and that the new legislation makes things easier, not more bureaucratic, for carers. 

There’s work to be done within local organisations to make the necessary changes to systems and processes to support the legislation and to make the best use of the resources available. To have the best chance of success, local people need to be involved at the outset to shape the strategy and design the services to provide the support they want and need. 

The Care Collective aims to support collaboration between local people and organisations to get the best possible results for carers. We’ll be bringing people together to work on each of the themes of the Carers’ Act in the coming weeks and we hope you’ll join in and get involved.

New legislation aimed to improve support for Carers will come into force in April 2018 and before then, local people and organisations will be working together to shape the Carers’ Strategy and design the processes and services needed to support the Act. 

The main themes of the new legislation are:

  • Information and Advice Services for Carers
  • Provision of Breaks from Caring
  • Adult Carer Support Plans
  • Short Breaks Service Statement
  • Young Carer’s Statement
  • Involving Carers in Hospital Discharge


Creating a ‘Caring East Ren’ Workshops 

We’re keeping up momentum over the summer with two workshops this week. 

On Thursday parent carers got together to share their insights and challenges and to begin to home in on areas for improvement across the whole system of support for parent carers. 

On Wednesday, local community organisations that provide support for carers, either explicitly or more informally, got together to explore where there might be gaps in provision or opportunities for greater collaboration to bring about a ‘Caring East Ren’.

Coming Up Next

The Care Collective team will continue to be out and about across East Renfrewshire. If you spot us in our Care Collective T-shirts, stop and have a chat! 

Local people have told us that they find it difficult to talk about caring responsibilities and feel there can be stigma associated with needing a bit of help and support sometimes. We’re aiming to change that by encouraging more people to talk about what it’s like looking after someone else, appreciating the great job that local people do and connecting people to sources of help and advice. In our next update, we’ll be sharing insights from our many conversations and shining a spotlight on sources of help and support recommended by you.

This week’s workshops will set the direction of our collaboration in the coming weeks and months. We’ll let you know the outcomes of the workshops, the next steps and how you can get involved.

We’ll continue to work with the health and social care partnership to explore the themes of the Carers’ Act and promote opportunities for local people