Care Providers Workshop Output

On Wednesday 19th of July, an invited gathering of practitioners from a wide range of community organisations providing support to people who care for a loved one, got together at UnderCOVER in Barrhead to start a new conversation. The conversation took the form of a workshop, where invitees could take some time out of their busy routines to perhaps get to know each other better and explore some fresh thinking and ideas on meeting the challenges of the future.

The overall intent of the workshop was threefold:

Develop a shared picture of the support available now to carers across East Renfrewshire 

Identify potential gaps in provision 

Begin to develop a shared picture of what a ‘Caring East Ren’ might look like in the future

Following a lively introductory session, where invitees had the opportunity to begin to work together in small groups to create their own ‘picture’ of what daily life can be like for carers, three teams were formed to explore the future through the lens of a ‘Three Horizons’ exercise.