The Night Visitors: Carer Friendly Community Showcase

The Care Collective caught up with Lindsay from The Night Visitors to find out a bit about how they are helping make East Renfrewshire a carer friendly community.

Can you tell me a bit about The Night Visitors and how you play your part in supporting local carers?

I got the idea for the Night Visitors while working as a nurse in hospitals. I saw so many people ending up going into residential or nursing homes because of the lack of overnight or late evening care. Even the people who managed to get home could be left from an early evening care visit to a morning care visit, frequently risking their skin integrity or leaving them uncomfortable due to continence issues. I also saw people being put to bed early when they would rather have a later bedtime or got up later in the morning when they preferred to get up early. We provide overnight, evening or early morning care visits at an affordable price, allowing people to be supported in their own homes in comfort.

We can offer support and advice about care options. We are also a carer-friendly employer. Our service allows carers freedom at night or in the evening.

What difference do you think this service make to people?

This service allows people to stay in their own homes in comfort. It provides continence care, skin care, dementia care and support through the night. We are very flexible and can organise the length and timing of visits to suit the individual. We can put care in place quickly and offer a free assessment visit.

Would you like to highlight another person, service or organisation in East Ren that makes East Ren more Carer friendly?

 I think the self-directed support forums are very helpful.

How do we get in touch?

Lindsay Fitzpatrick


Phone - 0141 255 0852